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Choosing the Best Baby Silicone Products for Your Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Fulfill Your Custom Silicone Baby Products Needs

Baby Feeding

Wholesale of various types of silicone baby productsWholesale of various types of silicone baby products

Baby toy

Wholesale of various types of silicone baby productsWholesale of various types of silicone baby products

Baby Accessories 

Wholesale of various types of silicone baby productsWholesale of various types of silicone baby products



Why Silicone Should be Your Go-To Material for Baby Products

Silicone Baby product Features

Kinyukin offers baby spoon with different functions, such as:

  • The surface scoop is rounded and curved to protect your baby’s mouth.
  • 100% safe silicone material
  • Tasteless
  • Easy to clean and hold
  • High-temperature resistance, can be sterilized by boiling water

Design and development

Discover the perfect ODM services for your maternal and baby product brand at KINYUKIN. Let us help you create products that exceed expectations and captivate your target customers.

Logo Design and Brand Display

Your Brand Identity with KINYUKIN’s Premium Silicone Baby Products. Stand out from the competition with our beautifully designed and expertly crafted baby feeding and toy products. With our commitment to high-quality manufacturing and efficient delivery, we ensure your brand is showcased in the best possible light. Trust KINYUKIN for all your maternal and baby product needs.

Silkscreen Printing Baby Bibs

Embossed LOGO Baby Bibs

Debossed Logo Silicone Baby Bibs

Mold design and development

At KINYUKIN, we offer exceptional mold design and development services for our esteemed customers. With our expertise in engineering design and mold structure, we ensure that each product achieves efficient forming and demolding. Our dedicated team focuses on delivering molds that are perfectly sized, shaped, and functional, meeting the highest standards of quality and precision.
– Expertise in mold design and development
– Engineering design for efficient forming and demolding
– Perfectly sized, shaped, and functional molds
– High standards of quality and precision
– Dedicated team of professionals

mold making

Die discharge

Mold Warehouse

Packing Design and Customized Packaging Services for Your Baby Products

At KINYUKIN, we understand the importance of packaging when it comes to delivering high-quality baby products to your customers. With our customized packaging services, we ensure that your products are safely packaged and ready to be shipped to their destinations. Here’s what we offer:
Carton Packaging: We provide sturdy and reliable carton packaging to protect your baby products during transportation.
PE/PVC Boxes: Our PE/PVC boxes offer an additional layer of protection, keeping your products safe from any external damage.
Printing Labels: We can create custom printing labels for your packaging, adding a professional and branded touch to your products.
Hang Tags: Enhance the presentation of your baby products with personalized hang tags, providing important information and adding an extra flair.
Barcode Stickers: We can include barcode stickers on your packaging, making it easier for retailers and customers to track and manage your products.
With our comprehensive packaging solutions, you can trust that your baby products will arrive in perfect condition. We offer flexible shipping options, including sea, air, or express, ensuring timely delivery to your customers worldwide. Choose KINYUKIN for reliable packaging services tailored to your brand’s needs.

PE Bag Package

Colour Box

PET Box Package

Blister Box Carton

OPP Bag Package

Custom Silicone Baby Product Manufacturing

Watch a 2-minute video to know why choose us for your OEM or Private Label partner.

Here’s the process for manufacturing OEM Silicone Baby Products.

  • Silicone raw material testing
  • Rubber mixing
  • display materials
  • silicone molding
  • Silicone release
  • Silicone Trim
  • Quality inspection silicone production line
  • Silicone packing and shipping

Strict Quality Control

At KINYUKIN, we prioritize strict quality control measures to ensure our silicone baby products meet the highest standards. From raw material selection to final packaging, every step of our production process undergoes rigorous inspection and testing. Our products are made from food-grade silicone, free from harmful chemicals, and comply with international standards and certifications. Trust KINYUKIN for high-quality and reliable silicone baby products.

Raw material inspection

Silicone production line inspection

Finished product inspection

baby silicone product - Mold design and development - Kinyuyin

product testing

NDA AVAILABLE: Fundamentally Protecting Your Business Interests

KINYUKINprioritize the security and confidentiality of our clients’ ideas and designs. With the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as an essential tool, we safeguard your business interests by ensuring the protection of your valuable intellectual property. Here’s why you should choose us as your trusted partner:
1. Legal safeguards: By signing the NDA, your sensitive information remains strictly confidential, providing peace of mind against potential business leaks.
2. Complete protection: Rest assured that your innovative ideas and unique designs will be shielded under the full force of the law.
3. Beyond silicone baby products: Our commitment to your business interests extends beyond production, design, and sales. We understand the importance of your brand’s success.
4. Unparalleled security: Experience unmatched protection for your intellectual property with KINYUKIN.
5. Focus on success: Let us safeguard your business interests so that you can concentrate on driving your brand to new heights.
Trust us to ensure the utmost security and confidentiality for your intellectual property. Start sharing your ideas with confidence today.

Safe Guarantee and Our Certifications

Factory certification

KINYUKIN Silicone Rubber Co., LTD is certified by ISO9001:2015

Raw material testing and certification

All the materials that we used have the certification: FDA, LFGB, and ROSH.REACH, PAHS, Phthalate Etc if needed.

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Our Blog About Baby Silicone Product

Most Asked Questions About OEM ODM Private Label Baby silicone Products

Are you interested in creating private label Baby Silicone Product but don’t know where to start?
Here are 10 FAQs to help guide you through the process:

Yes, all our silicone baby products are made from high-quality, BPA-free materials, ensuring the safety and well-being of your baby.
Absolutely! As a brand owner, you can choose to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) our silicone baby products, allowing you to create unique and personalized designs.
Yes, we are committed to meeting international standards and can provide necessary product certifications, such as FDA, LFGB, and EN71, ensuring your products comply with safety regulations in different markets.
Absolutely! You can mix and match different silicone baby products to create a diverse and appealing product range under your brand.
We provide dedicated support throughout the product development process. Our team will assist you with design modifications, material selection, and ensuring your vision is realized.
Yes, we can provide samples with your own branding for evaluation before placing a bulk order. This allows you to visualize the final product and make any necessary adjustments.
By choosing KINYUKIN as your OEM/ODM partner, you benefit from our extensive experience in silicone baby product manufacturing, commitment to quality, efficient delivery, and excellent customer support.
We accept various payment methods for OEM/ODM orders, including bank transfers and online payment platforms. Our sales team will provide you with detailed payment instructions.
The minimum order quantity for OEM/ODM orders may vary depending on the product and customization requirements. Please contact us for further details.
Manufacturing and delivery timelines for OEM/ODM orders can vary based on the complexity and quantity of the order. We will provide you with a specific timeline once we understand your requirements.

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